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Just & Ecological Transition

We live in an age marked by environmental disruptions and widening disparities that require a paradigm shift away from extractive economies and short-sighted mindsets. Instead, we must transition towards economic and social models that ensure the well-being of all and safeguard the integrity of our natural ecosystems.


A multitude of initiatives has emerged in response to the poly-crisis the world is wrestling with. Working on various environmental issues such as sustainable food systems, climate mitigation or biodiversity preservation, they share principles of regenerative economics and participative democracy. Aware of the limitations of the mainstream economic system, they challenge its underpinnings and incarnate new models that respect people and planet, proposing new forms of governance and value distribution.


We are currently supporting the transition movement in France through a three-pronged strategy:

> Funding the emergence and experimentation of localised transition initiatives 

> Scaling educational programmes on regenerative economic models and alternative economic thinking 

> Funding narrative changemakers portraying evidence-based yet hopeful visions of a society that respects planetary boundaries

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