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Whole Child Learning

Our vision for education is one where every child is taken on a journey of growth, in line with its aspirations, capabilities and needs. It is one where education systems help build the key life skills of tomorrow. 


Numerous studies underscore the critical need to encourage the development of social and emotional competencies in children from a young age. Life skills such as self-esteem, emotional regulation, and effective communication have been proven not only to enhance children's well-being but to be fundamental to their academic achievement. Further down the line, they also pave the way for broader economic opportunities while fostering a culture of tolerance and inclusivity. 



We are currently partnering with charities in France and the UK operating at various levels within education systems to advance whole-child learning. Our three-pronged funding strategy aims to:

> support a range of organisations with clear social and emotional learning outcomes for children, intervening in school or through extracurricular activities

> scale comprehensive training programmes for teachers and headteachers on how to develop soft skills in class

> encourage the production and dissemination of quality research, evidence and best practices to influence policy

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